Climbing in Zillertal in Tyrol

Well equipped with climbing harness, helmet and sturdy shoes - the Zillertal provides a several ferrates with different levels of difficulty. But no matter which ferrate you conquer, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view.

Via Ferrate in Zillertal

The climbing routes are classified into different levels from "A" for easy to "E" for extrem difficult.

  • Via ferrata Huterlaner - C duration: 1h
  • Via ferrata Zimmereben - C/D+ duration: 1.5h
  • Via ferrata Pfeilspitzwand - B/D- duration: 2h
  • Via ferrata Knorren - B/C duration: 45min
  • Via ferrata Nasenwand - C/E duration: 2h

Via ferrata Pfeilspitzwand in Mayrhofen